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Carolyn, "Cal", is a Philadelphia born singer with an adventurous spirit. Luis is a Chilean renaissance man who lived his childhood by the beach. To them, St Augustine,FL is as great as it is old, which is why they decided to settle on St Augustine Beach with their tribe of five children. They offer combined expertise in the areas of buying, selling, marketing, design and research as well as thoughtful commentary on local food, fishing and all the accessible luxuries in town.

Cal handles real estate communications & transactions. As a bonus to her clients, Luis offers specialty insights into market research, analysis and numbers. They have an impressive track record of giving unparalleled service to clients who have sold or bought successfully in St Augustine, FL. 

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Could not be more pleased with the professionalism and attention to detail throughout the process of the listing and sale of our property. The property was listed in December and received a full price offer within one week!  Amazing work by Cal ! I would definitely recommend them to anyone selling their property.  Thanks again! Philip Beaver