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Home Is Important


The legendary Laura Ingalls Wilder claimed: "Home is the nicest word there is." Even though I watched Little House on the Prairie devotedly as a young girl, I have to admit I think the books really are better than the show. I have been reading the series aloud to my children on and off throughout the years. With each true story of her youth, Laura helps you come to love Ma, Pa, Mary, Laura and baby Carrie. But just as notable is the way she as an author draws you into the small but significant world they created in their space.

The space of the Ingalls family changed according to circumstance. Sometimes their space was a covered wagon and other times an actual log cabin designed and built by Pa himself. It was not always comfortable But regardless, they loved their space. They made it work. They thrived.

In a fast paced and sometimes impersonal world, isn't this what home should be all about, regardless of its size, form or location? We all need a space where we can let down our guard, put our feet up, eat, talk, laugh, cry, listen and simply be. 

My vision for work in real estate is that all of the people I serve would be drawn that much closer to a life of contentment and peace in their space. I hope that, like Laura, each decision, relationship or transaction surrounding our home would be associated with "niceness." Because we all deserve it.




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